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  • Ray Bally

Avatar vs Andy Pratt

I have not seen Avatar. But I did download Andy Pratt's debut album the other day. This self titled debut was recorded and released in 1973. I had the album for years, along the trail most of my records were lost. Like the time my girlfriend asked me to move out of her home at 5:30am. Ok I said. Now. she said. Itunes is a great way to reclaim your favorite albums.

I bought his first two albums. Played them incessantly. Then in 1976 or 77, I went to hear Andy Pratt at the Bardavon Theater in Poughkeepsie NY. He was touring on his second album, Resolution. The opening band was the Rich Furey Band, (of Poco and Buffalo Springfield fame). The Bardavon was a beautiful old theater. It was empty back then, just a few rock concerts. His band was great, I think the same band that played on the album. His music is romantic, complex and confessional, intelligent and it rocks! I'm not describing the confessional sensitive piano/guitar music of the 70's. Wait I like Bread! After the show, I waited a while to met him. No one else was waiting. I asked him if he would play at my high school. I was on the student council so I had some pull. I remember him as tall and thin, gazing down at me pretty intensely. Like, is this kid serious? How many high school show offers did he get back then? He was gracious. My high school wasn't interested. I continued to listen to his albums. His lyrics affected me. Like much of the music "old & new" I listened to in 1976/77; Talking Heads, Television, Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan, Roxy Music, it was all startling and invigorating music.

Avator vs Andy Pratt? I'm confused. Everyone seems willing to see Avatar and pay to see it, but not willing to pay for "independent music" or artists. The "independent" ghetto. I wonder why Andy Pratt or all the other "independent" artists I know (including myself) are expected to subsist on crumbs. Oh no, sour grapes isn't my dish. Bring me the bread, water and wine.


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