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  • Ray Bally

Mixing New Songs at Orange Studio

I was at Orange Studio last night mixing two new songs; Can't Blame It All On You and Faker. James Dellatacoma was at the board and I brought 70, my mysterious Euro bass player to lend his ears. Mixing a song is like editing a movie. The work can be saved or destroyed in the room. Usually things fall in between. Too bad. After about 5 hours I had to fight the urge to give up and give in. 70 talked at length about dbs and eq parameters and then said "it is up to you man." I think the songs came out well, meaning we well represented the initial thrust&concept. Though I can barely remember the initial feeling. The songs seem distant now. I gave these recordings a lot of thought, but I went in on instinct and impulse. I'm so far through these songs I've come out the other side. I look at them and wonder what was I thinking? At one point I felt despair creep in when I realized we could spend a week mixing these songs. Instead we were doing it in one night. Limitations are good, that what I keep saying to myself. Hah! 70 took this photograph of me in the studio when it was over. I feel it captured my mood. Lost in sea of darkness, with just a little light.


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