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  • Ray Bally

Nature Of Love

This is the cover of my new album. Written by me (RB) and Produced by (HB) Hans Bally. Hans Bally is not an aka. Though I love aliases and wish that I've used them more often in life, Hans is a real person. I say this because many friends have mentioned they think this is something I've made up. Hans lives in Sweden. We met online. And collaborated on this album. I wrote and sang the songs, he did everything else. And when I say everything, I mean it. Guitars, background vocals, drums, keyboards, bass and many beautiful strange sounds. I'm often called Mr. Ray. Suicide has a great song on their second album called Mr. Ray. I've thought of changing my name to Raymond Ray. Mr. Ray. Or least introducing myself as such. I'm proud of this record. Hans and I made a deep connection and I think you feel it when you hear the record.


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