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News On The March May 2014 - Bally Family Band Shows

Upcoming Gigs 6/12/14 Crossroads Garwood NJ and 6/25/14 Local NYC NY NY

Posting a couple of pictures of the Bally Family Band's most recent gig, 5/4/14  Bank Square Coffeehouse in Beacon NY has the nicest brick patio on the Eastern Seaboard.  Most folks are inside, no outlets on the patio.  For the audience who sat outside, we played an extra special set. Nick Burka on trumpet sat in and was terrrfic.  Our opener/closer Jah Light (Augustus Pablo) was really nice and the song Bitter Love from my album Faker moved into another realm.

Nick Burka, James Bally, Ray Bally3, RB & my man, the most talented Brad Kleiman.

Upcoming gigs 6/12/14 Crossroads Garwood NJ and 6/25/14 Local NYC NY NY


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