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  • Ray Bally

News On The March - The January 2012 Edition

Hello All,

As many of you know, my new album FAKER is out. 10 songs performed by RB and The Renegades.  The band, Andrew, Dennis, Bern & 70 are great.  Gotta hear it. You can buy the cd directly from me or download from various sites, itunes etc.  The cd is worth owning for the cover art, done by the very cool artist, Andrew Wilkinson.  Andrew also created a terrific poster. 

Gigs -

Wednesday February 1 at Crossroads 9pm, Raymond Bally Solo, yes without my band, I'll be tripping the light fantastic.

Thursday February 9 at Cigarette Heaven (text for NJ location) Raymond Bally & The Angelic Avengers a trippy night out with a new configuration.

On The Horizon -  FAKER Release party in NY sometime soon

Here is a link to Roman Midnight Music, the first review of FAKER, Thanks Aaron!

And a link to an interview I did with Aaron.

Thank you! to those folks who are listening to my album and to you who are not - well, what are you waiting for!


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