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  • Ray Bally

Old Dark House

Doesn't everyone want an entrance as incredible as Karloff's in the Old Dark House? Can you imagine having that kind of impact "in life."  I was going to take pictures off the screen with my Nikon EM to get this shot.  Except I'm pretty sure scanning the photographs is out of my technological range.  I always wanted a Nikon.  I had Chinon in high school.  Which was great, took tons of pictures, but Nikon meant something.  I bought two on craigs list. The EM isn't considered a professional camera.  But I fell in love with it.  It is compact and simple. Between the two,  I have one great 30 year old camera that works.  I like shooting film in the backyard. Then walk over to the CVS, drop it off.  Stop at the Gulf Station to talk with Jimmy aka Jamal, of the Masoud family of Toronto; 1,200 strong around the world.  1 hour later,  go back to CVS to pick up the photographs.  Karloff made his first film in 1916 and his last in 1970.


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