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  • Ray Bally

Show Tonight at The Delancey

Home from The Delancey. 3.29.10. The show went well. Thanks to all of those who came out. My friend Steve Demarcado, a master perfumer sent me a text message saying he could not make it shortly before the gig. Then he showed up! He said, I had to come. The Renegades's energy was coming from Saturn; far off, visceral and up tempo. I heard from many people after the show that we were tight and everything sounded the best so far. Very gratifying. No one thought we were arriving from far and distant planets. We did Sister Sister as an encore - no rehearsal. We had no encore planned. I thought Will You Kiss Me and Burning For You sounded good too. I passed out the new single. Can't Blame It All On You b/w Faker. My beautiful friend Kristin, black from hair to toe took this photograph.

PS My friend Curt Nielsen (superb actor) wrote me this morning. "... you were so lonely on that stage, undressing before us there, with your songs, each sung another layer dropped." That is how I felt. And it isn't comfortable. I don't feel good.


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