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  • Ray Bally

The Renegades Part II

People are asking me when you are going to finish your new album? Well I am excited to say we are getting close. Close? Let's go back for a minute... This past summer I had written several new songs and thought about recording them at Orange Studios with the engineer, James Dellatacoma. Dennis Young introduced me to James. And I was eager to work with him. I didn't have a drummer and not much money. So the idea stayed an idea. Until Andrew Platt, the bass player for the superb gypsy punk avant power trio, skeletonbreath told me that he played drums and that he would record with me. A few months later, I still hadn't pulled the trigger. Andrew said, what about that recording? I booked the sessions that day. Today... we are adding few guitars and vocals. Then mixing. Pictured here Bern Nix laying down guitar parts.

And the original Renegade, Dennis Young adding percussion.


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